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From Ace's Nephew:

If you have a moment tell me about the Cabbage Patch and the Kingsnake studio. I get down to JAX and Daytona area every once in a while. I regret never seeing Ace at the studio, something I always thought I would do. I am going to contact Judy Van Zant... I was in JAX on a rainy Monday night in April for a gig in Cocoa Beach and the FreeBird was closed.

Ace's mom, my Granny Rae has nothing but praise for the biker community, Judy and Cabbage Patch Benefit for Ace. Monies were received at a critical time and she with sister Jane are very thankful he had so many thoughtful friends.

Thank you for sharing and there are with many people I would like to talk to. I thought alot of my Uncle and I know his friends are gold.


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