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March 292008 and man bike week has done come and gone and it is all most Hog Ridin' April Fools day. Cool huh? I just thought of that.
Anyway things are going just fine down here in the Sun Shine State, and the Indian River is giving up a few shrimp and fish. I had a blast bike week doing the jam session at my VFW with Ole' DJ and a few others, I even got to sing at a wedding here at the post. Now Al at Glendale HD e-mailed me
and said the stock Harley main shaft and the new Pro Clutch was in the
mail for the twin engine bike and Hunts Hog Shop said they is ready to
get her up and running for their Reo Town Custom Show in June for sure.
We are only going to take the Double to the Salt this year because the
salt is a little easier on the drive line, like instead of braking some
part, the wheel will spin. Oh well we got one more shot at the 200 mph
club in mid August at SCTA Bonneville, 205 miles an hour will give me
the record I think. And that of course will make the machine a little
more valuable for that Love Ride Auction. Oliver wants me to bring it
to the 105 annual Harley Davidson reunion in Milwaukee  and that
is the weekend after Bonneville. I been riding my bike a lot lately
because diesel is over  $4.00 a gallon here in FL. My Dodge gets
over 20 miles to the gallon but the Harley gets over 40 so guess what?
Anyway I got to get my electric starter put on and well you know if you
don't ride them all the time, things sort of get behind and then there
you are on your knees at the side of the road fixing something that
should have been handled at home before you left, When you ride around
on the best of the used parts you can find, well your going to have to
do a little refit here and there. Oh yeah, I wanted to thank you guys
that helped me with parts already this year, like Doobie and Tim "
Negotiable Parts" and of course old Steve Fields for the donations as
well. and that was just this last run. this picker and grinner gets by
with a little help from my friends and a few strangers and I don't
forget I think, well some times I do but not un-purpose and I is doing
better. I always try to help out the needed too when they show up in my
line of travel. What goes around and on and on. See Ya's in the wind...

February  14, 2008 Valentines Day and I love you Shongo Tongo  my double shovel twin engine Land Speed Record holding motorcycle that I gave to the Love Ride to auctioned off for the NEEDY last year. One more shot at two hundred MPH this year and she is in the shop as I write this getting those last few tune-ups she needed last year that kept her to just one hundred fifty six MPH. Anyway as there don't seem to be any women in my life besides my Mom and Sisters, and of course, my Daughters and Grand  Daughters, my wife don't talk to me anymore and I am not complaining about that, I guess I can just love my bike. Ha Ha‚ĶThe consensus is that the rear engine carburetor was tilted back enough to make the float bowl  run low on fuel after she got wound up in high gear and it was just like jetting her from the fuel supply line in stead of the carburetor. Well just a few small modifications to the intake manifold to turn the rear carburetor level we thinks we got it this time. My Brother Parts is going to pick her up at Hunts Hog Shop in Lansing, MI later this month and thanks to Bummer and Greg Gates and Bob and other's we get one more shot for the two hundred mile per hour club. Parts plans to be here for Thursday of bike week for the cream corn wrestling at the Last Resort Bar in Port Orange, FL with yours truly MCing the  show so he can enter his Knuckle Head chopper of Easyrider's Rodeo Fame in Fridays "Run what you brung" bike show. And deliver the double to me in the process. We will be at the Monster mile in April if all goes well and I need to get me a Snell 2005 rated full face racing helmet before then . See Ya's in the wind...

Ronda Patrick

Magda Hiller

Greg Whitlock

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