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April 2004 LSR                                                                   William Van Dyke

So what now?
Hey man I don't know but I am going to keep on this trail I am sniffing, cause I can all most taste the victory in my mind and The Double keeps going faster (123.169) up 20 mph from last time. What it is, is, ah , like , I got to put the Holley pump  float bowl back on the 114 where Marvin had it. All agree that the intake manifold can be machined manually in such away that a clock wise rotation of maybe five degrees can be achieved allowing for an aggressive float level adjustment with out seepage from the air bleed hole. The stock float bowl on the front engine will not be a problem because it sits more  to the stock level. I made those last two passes in the grin zone. With the rear engine running out of gas at the big end, my trap times look slow. The truth is, if the Monster Mile was the Monster Half-mile, the time card would have told the story that my ass had already learned. Now I had put that Holley bowl up front cause of that seepage and now we have the proper modification in the works; I got to get my file out and give it what it wants, put the float back, and then see what the time card says  come Memorial Day weekend. Now my Red Beard Clutch did not slip. Once I found out a lot of them old Harley parts fit the thing and I got the big gold spring from the mfg. After I talked to the parts guy and he figured out I was not going to order the big ticket item, even though I wanted it, he handed me off to Val. She was sweet and placed my order promptly and I got it a couple of days later. Yep it worked!  The other thing was the electric start thing. Man I tried all sorts of starting systems, even pushed it once in a while, but, what really worked was the extra cranking amps provided by another FXE size battery bolted on right behind the one already mounted about in the stock place. The two new Interstate Batteries I got from Tommy at Choppersworld didn't hurt a thing. It was sweet just hitting the button like the rice grinder riders and evo guys. Just putting to the start line with out having to have all kinds of pit help and out board starting apparatus was almost sinful it was so kool. And the oil system and primary cover built at Gary Mower's worked so well, like when I pulled the cover off after the maybe the eighteen miles I'd run it and run it hard, it looked like it never left the yard. Damn, that rhymed. Any way God Bless America and I want to see America really remembering, this Memorial Day, what freedom really costs. See you all there...

Well we were right about the float bowls but with full power the clutch gave up in the middle of the third pass. May at The Monster Mile was the most fun yet, 137 plus MPH on the time ticket the first pass and that was taking it easy. Second pass felt like I was getting blown off the thing for the first time, like 150 plus type MPH but for the first time the clock malfunctioned on me and I got no time. The third pass I lost most of the clutch but still set a new record in my class @ 132.  Life is good, Gary Mauer said he believes and will make a few parts so I can go faster before the next meet 26 June 2004. Of course I see salt in everything I do. This past weekend found me in Stanton, MI at the Central MI drag strip at a privet party Burt Baker gave for his friends and employee's. Three hours of make all the passes you can type party. Of course I brought the Double and made a pass to show it off. I don't need to impress anybody anymore but Burt makes a bolt in transmission that would fit my double with six speeds instead of four and the high gear is .86 OVER-DRIVE. I was really dreaming of a clutch that would work for me but if one of them tranny's fell off the truck I would make the change over in a New York second and continue looking for a clutch that will work. One more step left in the Pro Clutch that Red Beard gave me. Rivera has some twenty dollar apiece plates that might work if I can fit them in this older version that I have now. Oh yeah, I got to run Mauer on his hopped up dresser that runs mid thirteen's at around a hundred mph. Yeah got him with the Double. He said he could hear me coming at mid track, I roared by still in second gear. My best pass was 118 MPH in second as well. Yeah, well, like it ain't no dragster man, it's a Flying Mile Bike.                                                                                               

©2013 William Van Dyke
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