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Hog Ridin' Fool
Remember Animal Bob
Debbie Dance For Me
Get Your Head Right
Ghost Riders Bikerstyle

I Don't Want To Wear A Helmet
Full Tilt, Wide Open & Out Of Control
Twilight Song
Ass, Grass Or Cash

Produced by Bob Greenlee & Ernie Lancaster
Recorded at Generic Sound Studio Sanford, FL
The Band Midnight Creepers
Drums Scott Corwin
Guitar Ernie Lancaster
Bass Bob Greenlee
Harmonica John Winkler
Backup Vocals:
Darren, Darleen & Denise Dowler,
Steve Hageman, Scott Corwin & MR Weed
Cover Illustration Dennas Davis
Cover Photo Balls
Final Mix Pete Carr


©2013 William Van Dyke
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