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"It Always Takes Me Back", the Bob Greenlee and Ernie Lancaster song, written in the late 70's, seemed to me to be a fitting title tune for this collection. Over the 25 years that I been singing for a living, I've traveled over 500,000 miles. Half of them on the same bike I ride today, that Swap-meet Special and the rest in some old van or pickup truck hauling that bike and pulling-trike and my twin-engine machine. Oh yeah I had other bikes from time to time to fill in while I rebuilt the "only bike for me", but the Swap-meet Special is the one that always takes me back.

Cherokee Ace Moreland, Bob Greenlee, Augustine Antoine and myself did the producing, tech work on no budget at all to get these tunes to CD. Of course Bird Foster and Ernie Lancaster are wonderful. Brother's I can't thank you all enough. Yeah I didn't make a lot of money but I sure had a good time, most of the time, on the road…
William Van Dyke

It Always Takes Me Back
It Ain't All That I Got
Van Dyke
I'm Not Falling
Greenlee/Van Dyke
My Own Little World
Van Dyke
Drinkin' Wine & Missin' You
Party Time Shuffle
Somewhere Over There
On A Hill
Van Dyke
Van Dyke
Florida Time
Van Dyke/Williams
New Love Found
Van Dyke/Williams
Butter My Biscuit
Van Dyke
Hero Of Your Dreams
Kris Peterson

William Van Dyke ~ Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Ernie Lancaster ~ Guitar
Bob Greenlee ~ Bass
Augustine Dumas ~ Bass (Butter My Biscuit)
Ace Moreland ~ Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Harp
Ronnie "Bird" Foster ~ Drums

Recorded at King Snake Studio ~ Sanford, FL
Produced by Bob Greenlee
Engineered by Ace Moreland
Mastered by Brian Bassett & Augustine Dumas
Cover Design ~ Margie Van Dyke

~Dedicated to Ace Moreland~
Oklahoma Bluesman

Copyright 2002 William Van Dyke
All Rights Reserved

Photos by Kim Peterson


©2013 William Van Dyke
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