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14 June 2004
William Van Dyke

One week till summer is official. One and one quarter inches of rain fell here yesterday and it was hot and humid and the goddamn mosquitoes were feeding like they wasn't going to get another chance. Saturday night found me I Jackson, MI for the Tribe MC's 22 annual Pool Party. Now I've been here for this party before and these guys have fun. Of course the Band was a rock-en, blues jazzy power trio and a harp player named Harp sat in, Chuck was the cooking hot guitarist, the drummer was known as The Guy on the Drums and the tall bass player, well I never got his name right but he was good. Bass and drums were tight. Oh yeah, I got in on it too. The first tune I was going to do was an old Noble Watt's song about "Drinking Wine and Missing You" that me and Ace put on that last CD I did. But slow blues in the key of E turned in to this shuffle turn-around bag that didn't quite line up with the words. Well now I started doing some scat and the band started to really play for the first time that night, they was creating! Anyway instead of a song about the gal that done me wrong it ended up being about right that minute and I think we all got off on it. If I could remember the words, and the band the music, I am not sure I would want to do that song again but man it was fun at the moment and set the a jumping happy mood for the rest of the night.
Gary Mauer has had the Double for the last few days, trying to come up with a few things that will help the Thing and I slide through the air a little easier and some handle bars that I can hold on to more securely cause the air gets as thick as water once you start getting over 150 mph. Now the Jap bike riders have been taking their fairings off the front of their bikes lately so they could set records in un-streamlined classes, but the truth is that them Royal Falcon's, aka High-a-busa's, like I don't speak Jap that good but I can not ignore these machines now that I seen them, are really stream-lined in more places than just the front fairing. Like they have air dams and things behind the seat to close the hole you open that does as much or more than the fairings do. Oh well, I want to go faster on my old Harley parts not get more paper to hang on the wall. Although I must admit, holding the record in my class do feel good. Thank you ECTA for being there. And Brothers and Sisters, the ECTA is looking for a few volunteers to help at the events. Check us out when you can I'll be back there weekend after next...

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