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The King Snake Special was built back in 1989 so I would have something to ride while on the salt at Bonneville with ER's. I swapped the frame and 92 ci cast iron Sporty engine less the trans for the 114 ci Shovel Head that is the rear engine in Shongo Tongo aka Big Horse now. The front end off it ended up on the Swapmeet Special and my wide glide, updated, with Tony's lower legs and Tommy's brake stuff, found its way on the front of The Double. Russell did the tranny and  engine building  and had Ron Trock work his magic as well and of course Duane has been keeping them tuned and maintained like really good. Russ and Coolie built the frame for Russ's brother's street trike but never got it finished. I tried to get it for seven years, buy, sell or trade, then one day they just gave it to me and said to go ahead and ride it. I scrounged most of the parts and had it running in six months with just chipped, cracked or broke parts, gifts, promises to let them ride it someday and a burning need to have a real Harley Flying Mile Bike someday maybe if I could just get a pair of them green coils. Brad from B&K got personally involved when he gave me the stage II fuel heads he had built for his own bike. Of course I had to give him a set of stock heads so the shelf didn't look so empty. All the help was surrounded laughter and fun days. I even had to write a few songs get stuff that money could not buy.  With  Bummer and Marvin, well what can I say, all the details, shifter, brakes frame tweaking not counting keeping my street'er running and a kick in the ass when I get lazy, and Bert and Bill and Gary and Danny and God has to be in on it everywhere and Jimmy  even Knucklehead and Gary Sex and Hogman, no name guys with carbs and wheels and cables. Guys who have names I can't think of right now but I won't ever forget. Like the clutch cable was actually a hand break cable housing for a 1937 INT School Bus that was left in a garage that a friend of mine rented for a while and it and a bunch of other stuff was left over from the INT Harvester agent  that had rented it back in the 1950's. The rear wheel from the Sporty became the 18" front on The Double. Now the front 96" engine is really the Swapmeet Special's longest running street engine. During the rodeo part of my life it had it's share of NOS and the records will show that it dominated the 1000 lbs fuel class while in competition. So did the Double for that matter. Now I know when I rode them bike's through the wall of fire, cheap holly wood trick that it was, that I was getting off the trail just a little, even if I did need the food and drink and gas money. And maybe if I would have gone to Bonneville in '90, yeah 15 years ago, I could have got this stuff over with, but folks, my son will be 15 this year and my best friend died this winter and it's time to go back. The truth is, these last 15 years have been fun, even from a poverty point of view. Scotty told me that once I go and the salt gets in my blood I will have to go back. I tried riding by and that don't work.  My Brother Bob Greenlee sponsored the King Snake Special in 1989 and in his memory, I plan to return this year of our Lord 2004 and weather permitting, see if I can get the bottoms of my ears and nose sun burnt. We are going to call it the King Snake Special, aka, Shongo Tongo, Big Horse and The Double. Memorial Day weekend will be the first real shake down, the Lord willing, lest I get the big head and my helmet that Ken gave me won't fit, and then one more time in June at the Monster Mile, wearing Wolfy's  Brooks Jacket zipped to the leather genes John Green gave me, with every thing we can get done before Bonneville in August. Now I heard there was going to be a bikes only run in September of 2004 on the salt as well, but I haven't seen any flyer and who wants to wait another month anyway. Did I leave your name out? Well ever since that beer bottle hit my head in Tampa some of my pages are glued together. Remind me if you want...

©2013 William Van Dyke
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