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July 26, 2008 and the truck is loaded and tomorrow I pull out for the north land, Michigan and pick up the Double for that last chance for two hundred miles an hour on the salt. Now after all those tries in the past and all the trips, I know one thing for sure and that is I got know idea how it will turn out this time. Hope I have and willingness and at last one more shot this time and the machine has never been in better racing trim. My hat is off to all of you that have supported my efforts in the past and as I ramble on about nothing I wanted you to know that I changed the price on the pocket t-shirts, and that is because I got them paid off so any donation for fuel at all will do, the only thing is you got to get them from me while I got them in the truck. This ain't about making money or paying for the trip although it will help, but rather it is about being apart of a once in a life time effort to go fast on my old Harley parts and beat my personal best speed of 156. And just maybe get the 200 MPH club to let me have one of their t-shirts too.

See Ya's all in the wind and Don't forget that the Twin Engine Bike will be auctioned off at the Love Ride and all proceeds go to that charity. I'll be 62 years old this year and street riding is going to have to keep me happy as long as I can ride. I guess I'll leave the racing to the skinny young kids. The extreme riders that do double back flips on their dirt bikes and stuff like I never saw or thought could be done on a bike... See Ya's  maybe on the salt. Damm I can't wait… Oh yeah, more pic's to come...

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