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The Circle of Pride Hog Rodeo
By William Van Dyke

The Circle of Pride Hog Wild Rodeo was a blast. I got there late Thursday night and Possum met me at the gate, showed me around the party grounds and told me how to find the motel where they were going to put me up for the weekend. After being on the road for over twenty years, I still have a hard time getting use to going to some rented room somewhere, instead of just crashing at the party after I done what I came there to do. I hardly drink much anymore, but it is still a worrisome trip passing all the police cars waiting to catch the drunks at two in the morning. That is one of the things these national runs address as much as the good times is the camping to avoid the bar motel.
They had me down to sing before Chained Lightning, a great rock-n-roll band with a couple of fine looking chick singers that I accidentally walked in on while they were getting dressed, ah, yeah, they sure were fine. Anyway I had a good time with the crowd doing my tunes and later I got to sit in with the band. We did an old blues hit by Noble "Thin-man" Watts called "Drinking wine and missing you" and that old Janis Joplin hit "Mercedes Benz", of course I rewrote the last verse that goes " O' Lord won't you buy me a Harley Davidson." Trust me when I tell you that this crowd dug it and turned it in to a sing along that had us all hooted, holler'en and rolling with leg wet'en laughter.
My one time sponsor for the Easy riders' rodeo tour, Steve Fields and his family, who own and operate "Legal Eagle Trading Co." had their show tent set up next to the big party tent next to the bar. Friday Night, I put my twin engine Harley Davidson FXXE, on display at their place and they agreed to put it inside at closing, cause Saturday I was going to enter it in the bike show in the big tent. Of course that machine does draw looks, questions and folks wanting to get their picture on it and Steve and I welcomed them all. His store has what bikers want in wearing apparel, patches, pins, hat, cool-cups, etc. It's the artwork on the latest styles and designs of clothing that set the Fields Family apart from their competition in my point of view, not to mention their down home hospitably which I learned to love so many years ago.
Now that big party tent that I mentioned had a few pick-nick tables in it and a long tall bar looking thing that I wondered what it was for and in the far corner, in a roped off area a big air-mattress with one of them hydraulic rodeo bulls called Bob. When the drag races were over the EMCEE brought his PA system over and set it up on that big long bar. Soon the tent filled up as Bob the Bull spun around challenging all comers to ride. Now the EMCEE would pass the hat for some gold dust to reward those young sweet hearts whom were willing, to ride in the natural. Now I understood why that long tall bar was there, it was soon covered with folks just trying to get a better look. One thing for sure, all were enjoying the show and Bob the Bull did not seem to buck as hard for the girls as he did for those biker, cowboy, bull-riders. It seemed to me at the girls got a much longer ride as well and the guy operating enjoyed the show as much or more as anyone else. Who would have thought?
Saturday was a busy day to say the least. The brother's of the Circle of Pride MC had the outlaw drag races going full blast, the bike show shining bright, many more bull rides going on in the afternoon and plenty of entertainment planned for that evening. I was scheduled ride through the wall of fire right after the monster trucks did their thing and it was an awesome thing, but first came the motorcycle demolition derby. All these guys were roaring, digging, and flying around the arena in reckless abandon while avoiding the big mud hole at the open end of the field. Of course after I blasted through the wall of fire I had to make a victory lap waving at the cheering crowd and somehow managed to stop right in the middle of that mud hole. As I stood ankle deep in that Iowa mud I wondered if the crew that put out the fire still on me a few minutes before and had built the wall in the first place would be willing to rescue a ham like me from the mud. I will never know the answer to that question because when I put that twin engine Harley I call Shongo Tongo back in gear and gave her the gas, she leaped from that mud and back to the pits in short order. Shortly thereafter we all gazed in amazement as those two bad assed jet powered trucks melted a pile of junk cars just before the fireworks went off… By the way, Shongo Tongo means big horse in the Cree Indian tongue.
Well I took a few pictures there and got room for some more so's you can e-mail them to me if'n ya's wants to. Oh Yeah, I got to say thanks to Ron, Bob, Steve, Mary, Tamara, Mark, Matt, Mike, John, Jim, Bear, George, Jack, Louie, Larry, Dippy, Hogman and if I done did forgot your name, I ain't forgot you, I think, so thanks. I hope I'll get to see all of you in Columbus, MS the 15 & 16 of June or the next weekend in Michigan. Oh Yeah, thanks to those guys who helped me load that double shovel and the guys who helped me unload it and that guy who helped me push it over to the arena when the battery went dead after the bike show. And a special big hug to Harry Fried who hooked me up with the Circle of Pride MC so's I could do this show…


©2013 William Van Dyke
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