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20 September 2004** So Bend, Indiana, McDaniel's Harley Davidson, B-100,
Sonny Barger, a couple thousand biker's and me enjoyed the last weekend of
summer in grand biker style. Yeah I bought one of them books, his first
novel I guess and written with help and I look forward to reading it. The
Hell's Angels rolled out the red carpet for all of us and put on a feed
that will be remembered for a long time in this man's mind as super special.
Most all the local clubs were in attendance and most every kind and make of
bike made the circle from the dealership to the Devils Diciple's Club House
in Mishawaka for an afternoon cocktail, to the Hell's Angel's club house on
Indiana Ave for food, drink, party and a little guitar picking and singing
by yours truly. It was fun and of course I was honored. My bike is running
great and riding really good with them new tires I got at Hunts Hog Shop and
I must admit to thinking thoughts of to hell with my van and its parts
problems and just finish this tour on two wheels and worry about racing next
year. Cause you got to have a truck to race. So San Francisco Harley Davidson
is 90 years old this year and I plan to be there for their party the 8,9 &
10 of October, 2004. The more I think about riding out there, like them
mountains and them fall sunsets and them wonderful people and all my Ugly
Brothers, the wind in my face, I should fix my wind shield but I still got
600 miles left on my last oil change, and I could put the new plugs I got in
the engine instead of the saddle bags, well not really cause it don't need
them yet and...

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